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The Art Assignment is a weekly web series from Vlogbrother and best-selling author John Green, his wife Sarah Urist Green, and PBS Digital Studios.

The first episode, “Meet in the Middle” features artists Christopher Robbins and Douglas Paulson. It  explores the concept of the halfway point.

New episodes will roll out every Thursday.

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Farmed and Dangerous, a new branded web series that explores the outrageously twisted world of industrial agriculture. Premieres February 17th on Hulu.


Web Series Reaches 100 Views


Everyone’s Famous

Donald always wanted to be a ‘somebody’ but settled for being a decent guy with a decent girlfriend, working at a decent call centre. When an embarrassing video goes viral, Donald’s given an unexpected new lease on fame. 


Space Janitors

Season 2 opens with Darby and Mike trying to save their own butts and get off the station before it blows.